Via my good friend and fellow English geek Kenton comes this blog post from the hated Stanley Fish. In it, he tells the story of University of Ottawa Denis Rancour, who has been removed from his tenured position for what some consider unprofessional behavior. This included giving every student an A+ and turning his into physics class into a class on political activism. Fish quotes him saying that he sees that, “the next step is academic hijacking, where students tell a professor that she can stay or leave but that this is what they are going to do and these are the speakers they are going to invite.” That’s change I can believe in. I’m ignoring Stanley Fish because he’s a tool and thinks students should sit down and memorize their Shakespeare like their great-grandfathers. But Rancourt’s vision for education is one I can believe in. The change in academic discourse that Rancourt envisions is my ideal too, and it’s going to take a lot of work to get there. I’ll add Rancourt’s blog to my roll so people can check out what he says.