For the first time in my life, I demand a trend story. Last week I went and saw, among other bands, Strike Anywhere at St. Andrews Church in College Park. This was around the 6th hardcore show I’ve been to since I’ve moved to the D.C. area, and every single one has been in a church. This brings to mind one question: Why haven’t news outlets picked up on this and written the obligatory trend piece?
The concerts are always benefits for some leftist cause or another, the one last week was curing cancer and animal/Earth liberation. I’ve never seen so many beautiful animal liberationists in my life. The truth is the churches make pretty good venues. They’re intimate and there’s something great about seeing a band called This Is Hell playing under a crucifix.
So come on Newsweek¬†(or even you, Slate!), the story¬†has all the elements: wild teenagers! loud music! churches! I’m sure you could round up a concerned community member, and you could even include a brain scan of what listening to LeftOver Crack does to the central nervous system. Actually, this could be an interesting piece. Maybe I’ll violate my one true belief and try to freelance a trend story…