Tomorrow I’m headed across the pond for a couple weeks with my family. I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging, but hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to do. See you again on Aug. 22 and until then enjoy these tabs:

– H/t to Julia for letting me know about Slate’s destroy America game.
–  Wired lists the top ten evolutionary fuck-ups.
– To settle a debate and for all those wondering, squirrels can’t die from falling due to their non-lethal terminal velocity. How cool is that?
– Pynchon’s new book (reviewed by Laura Miller at Salon) sounds excellent.
–  If you haven’t read Michael Pollan’s NY Times Mag piece on cooking yet, please do.
– I don’t like Lance Armstrong either, but this Onion headline, dag.
– Finally, here’s a video via Sociological Images of Northwestern sociology prof. Mary Pattillo discussing her new book on the black middle class. I saw her speak at Maryland as part of an American Studies symposium on “Remapping the Structure of Everyday Life” and she’s an engaging speaker with a lot of interesting stuff on gentrification and racial dynamics.