… necessarily. I’m all for free music, but I’m mixed on the ethics of just taking artists’ music for free without their expressed approval. I can see the argument and obviously the old model has failed, but it seems too convenient to find it ethical. But these days with the prevalence of mp3 blogs and mixtapes, it’s easy to find free and legal music online if you know where to look. Here’s some stuff I’ve picked up lately, all free, all legal. Enjoy.

First is the new single off the upcoming Felt 3 album. Felt is Murs of Living Legends and Slug of Atmosphere with a rotating producer. In version 3, it’s Aesop Rock. If the rest of the album is like the first single, Protagonists, then this might be the best one yet. It’s unclear as of yet who this album is a tribute to, but the rumor is Sarah Palin. For real.

I don’t know Ratatat as well as people who are really into that stuff, but this track (Look Alive) with Despot is solid. It sounds like standard Ratatat but with some good rhymes on top. Whip it out at a party and lie to your friends about where you found it.

For non-hip-hop fans, here’s a song (Blanchard) from Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions. Fans of warmfemale vocalists with acoustic guitars should enjoy it. And let’s face it, who’s not a fan of warm female vocalists with acoustic guitars?

Lastly in the more experimental category is Black Moth Super Rainbow with Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise. Ethereal vocals and seriously over-produced guitar lines. Despite the title, it sounds like it belongs in a trailer to an indie movie that involves young people running around in a field with sun glaring off the camera.

If you liked the last two of these tracks, check out 3Hive, a really excellent music blog. And let me know if y’all are listening to these tracks and I’ll keep putting posts like these up.